About the Founder

International speaker and President of MTBI Group, Mark Tallman, began his career in the automotive industry over 28 years ago. Having a passion for people, Mark Tallman focuses on understanding the human dynamics of communication between the customer and seller and how effective communication creates a profitable environment. Mark Tallman’s in depth knowledge of all aspects of the automobile industry provides synergy within an organization, from the manufacturer to the dealership. Mark Tallman has designed and facilitated over 70 courses, with curriculum specifically modeled for each dealership department in mind. Mark Tallman’s curriculum gets results, through his ability to analyze the clients buying experiences, understand sales processes, and utilize effective sales communications, ultimately generating additional sales.

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Selected from industry leader Penske Automotive Group in California in 1994, Mark Tallman developed a renowned automotive training college for their franchises. The Penske Automotive Group, which comprised multiple franchises that included: Penske Mercedes-Benz, Longo Toyota, Longo Lexus, Penske Honda, Steven Creek Lexus, Penske Jaguar & Aston Martin, wanted a visionary leader who could teach the most seasoned veteran to the newest member of their team. During his tenure at Penske Automotive Group, Mark Tallman implemented his course curriculum, coached sales consultants, tracked sales, and strategize with management, to improve their sale processes and essential selling skills. As a direct result from his facilitation at the training college, Mark Tallman, was chosen to create a three-pronged Guest Service Skills Bootcamp for the California Speedway. Over 6000, volunteers were trained by him for the Guest Service Skills initiative. The Penske organization, which comprised over 2,000 team members, opened their doors to the training college for international visitation from other dealerships and manufacture personnel. The training colleges exposure boarded Mark Tallman’s influence on global markets, such as, Toyota South Africa and Toyota of New Zealand.

Mark Tallman is gifted at connecting the classroom instruction to the actual skill-sets necessary for success on the showroom floor. The fine-tuning of his information came from listening to client’s in focus groups, monitoring incoming sales opportunities, out-side mystery shopping, and surveying client who purchased from other dealerships. To achieve exceptional results, Mark Tallman believes building individual skills, one-to-one coaching with the management and sales teams is necessary in order to fine-tune processes and solidify individual knowledge. In his straightforward approachable delivery, Mark Tallman, brings his extensive background in training development and facilitation to actual bottom line numbers.
In 2004, Mark Tallman formed MTBI Group to provide customized management, sales, parts & service, and guest service skills courses for OEM, automotive dealerships, and automotive related businesses. Mark Tallman developed and stars in a 5-Part DVD Series on “Guest Service Skills for the Frontline Team,” a supportive training resource for dealerships to solidify classroom instruction. Mark Tallman inspires people to action, with his ability to engage his audience on an individual basis that is compelling, creating a positive learning environment. In his training, he connects with his audience with real world solutions, demonstrates the ideas through role-playing the skill-sets and turning difficult situations into opportunities.

In addition to his consulting business, Mark is a pastor, missionary, and a sought-after international speaker and instructor. He has been married to his wife, Victoria, for the past nineteen years and they have two small children.